Concrete tanks for aquaculture

A-Consult is the market leader in the design, manufacture and rapid installation of large prefabricated concrete tanks for the aquaculture sector.

We operate globally as a tank supplier for large land-based fish farming facilities. With professional advice, know-how and a highly trained workforce, we are able to deliver sustainable and cost-effective solutions, including flexible tank solutions up to 12,500 m3.

A-Consult has more than 30 years’ experience from design and construction of over 8,000 concrete tanks worldwide.

Guaranteed quality

A-Consult offers concrete facilities for fish farming with a long service life and minimal maintenance. We give you guaranteed, factory-controlled quality, a robust structure and well-documented design principles based on our flexible AQUA-TANK system, which is founded on the use of standardised and proven construction methods for storing clean drinking water.

Our concrete tanks for fish can therefore meet the highest water quality demands, and we can also adapt solutions to meet local requirements and standards.

Achieve your goals

We can proudly say that our customers are meeting their strategic goals of building and operating sustainable and reliable fish farms with a focus on fish welfare and profitability.

Flexible solutions for aquaculture

At A-Consult, our in-house engineers and designers offer professional advice regarding construction methods according to your needs with a very wide range and variety. Our tanks for land-based fish farming facilities can be used for virtually all fish species, and there are a myriad of combination options – both in terms of the types of tank facilities and their applications.

That is why we work closely with customers and consultants to design and adapt our prefabricated concrete tanks to your needs and requirements. This helps ensure that your fish tank facility meets all standards, and at the same time we prepare it for different tank applications, electricity and control as well as integrations with pumps, pipes and associated equipment.

Equipment such as access ladders, platforms, hatches and stairs, as well as liners, coatings and roofs, can be attached and supported by the tank wall structure.

Land-based fish farming

A-Consult is a leader in profitable, flexible and sustainable tank solutions for fish farming. We design and build a myriad of different tanks for virtually all fish species, including salmon, salmonids, kingfish, trout, rainbow trout, eels, mahi-mahi, groupers, barramundi, shrimp and more.

For more than 30 years, we have been building prefabricated concrete tank facilities that meet all requirements for fish welfare, sustainability and safety. This provides the obvious advantage of building large and flexible land-based tank facilities for fish farming quickly and efficiently.


Tank solutions for all needs

A-Consult delivers tanks for many applications in aquaculture – including complete recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS). The concrete tanks can be used for many different purposes in the facilities:

  • Culture tanks
  • Purge tanks
  • Raceway
  • Smolt (hatchery) tanks
  • Filter tanks
  • Cleaning tanks
  • Water tanks
  • Water treatment tanks
  • Sediment tanks

A healthy growing environment means a healthy business

With fish tank facilities from A-Consult, you can focus on creating the best growing conditions and welfare for the fish. We can adapt the geometry and design of the tanks for land-based fish farming with regard to:

  • Robust, easy-to-clean surfaces
  • Secondary radial flow (optimal cleaning)
  • Volume
  • Diameter
  • Water column
  • Flow rate
  • Partitions
  • Bottom geometries
  • Desired aquatic environment (temperature, salt water, fresh water, etc.)

We are happy to oversee the planning, design, construction and subsequent servicing of tanks for your fish farming facility, adapting our services to your exact needs and expectations.

Find the right solution

Contact our experts to discuss your plans to build a profitable, land-based fish farm.