Water Industry

Aqua-Tank provides a safe, cost effective method of containment with numerous applications within the Water, Waste and Industrial sectors.

Guaranteed factory controlled quality combined with a robust structure along with tried and tested design principles, offer life expectancy previously only achieved with cast in-situ installations.

A-Consult are the market leaders in the Design, Manufacture and Installation of Precast Concrete Storage Tanks.


Settlement Tank

Settlement Tanks can be supplied with either an integrated concrete coping top or bolt on unit which supports the travel of either a full or half bridge scraper. Tank sizes range from 4.0m diameter to greater than 50.0m, designed to allow backfilling, enabling access to M&E equipment such as scraper bridge, motor and travelling wheels.

Incorporating the patented EPDM jointing seals the post tensioned settlement tanks can be designed to accommodate pipe work entries through the precast wall panels. Design and Constructed to BS8110 and BS8007 and compliant to all relevant Euro Codes.


Filter Tank

The A-Consult tank system has been used to construct many types of Filter Tanks.

The tanks can be designed as water retaining structures if necessary, with letter box opens to facilitate the trickling filtration systems.


Process Tank

In such a volume related sector the A-Consult precast concrete tank system offers extensive flexibility in both tank diameters and wall heights.

Diameters start at 4m and increase in increments of approximately 350mm, wall heights start at 2m and increase in increments of 100mm topping out at 12m maximum.


Storage Tank

A-Consult tanks have been used for the storage of many different materials on both Waste Water Treatment Plants along with Sewage Treatment Plants.

All materials used in the construction of our tanks are DWI approved allowing the storage of potable water.